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New wooden fence

A fence does not just offer security for your home but it also accentuates your garden. It provides a backdrop to all the soft landscaping work that you've put in to making your garden complete.


Landscape Paving Ltd provides a wide range of beautiful fencing that you can choose to suit your tastes and requirements. Once you've made a choice, our team will place the fencing into your home with minimum disruption to you and your neighbours.

Bespoke fencing for your garden in Bromley

Soft and lush turfing for your garden

`You can also add a beautiful feature to your garden with turfing. Turfing gives a luscious and green feel to your garden and provides a nice bouncy are for you and your family to enjoy.


There are a variety of styles to choose from, so get in touch with us today to get some beautiful turfing in your garden.

For all your turfing

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Hard landscaping that makes your garden complete

New turf being laid